Friday, January 9, 2009

The freaks come out at night (apparently so do the boobs, cursing and nudity)

British TV is similar to the TV in the states with one big exception. In the US, one either has to pay for a channel like Cinemax (aka: Skinamax) to see gratuitous nudity at 7:00 pm, or have a satellite dish able to view the east coast's HBO (assuming you live on the west coast.) In England, boobs and bad words don't wait for the kiddies to go to bed. Yes, the really bad stuff does wait until later, but "really bad" is just a relative term. "Really bad" is just another way to say, "local girl with cordless phone and internet wants you to call her and watch live on until five a.m." When I say local, I mean that not only have I seen the gals from northwest England, but while in Edinburgh I was also fortunate to catch a few Scottish gals writhing on their beds with a phone. I was tempted to call them and tell them how ridiculous they looked but realized it wasn't my place to do so. Rather, it is my place to mock them on my blog.

My expectations were pretty much met, though. My frame of reference for television shows in England consists of Prisoner Cell Block H (
and The Benny Hill Show ( so what did I expect? My views of the world at large are made of such childhood shows combined with spending the past 15 years listening to NPR.

Keen and insightful, I am.

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