Saturday, January 17, 2009

Portion control is not in your control

Chips (or 'crisps' as they are called here) come in multi-packs in the UK, not in one big bag. I suppose the thought behind that is for people to choose just one little bag to eat at one sitting, as opposed to devouring the entire sack. My initial thought was that maybe the powers-that-be here in the UK don't trust the citizens to choose a reasonable portion for themselves...maybe they've seen too many fat Americans and blame the obesity on our unlimited access to Costco-sized bags of potato chips and 500 channels on the tv. Then I tried a few of these UK crisps, and the reason behind multi-packs and single-serving bags quickly became apparent to me: the crisps are f-ing AWESOME. No one should be trusted to not eat their weight in these things...I mean, seriously.

The UK's version of Cheetos (puffs) is Wotsits...and OHMYGOD they are better than the best Cheeto you have ever tasted. There are also these little potato rings called Hula Hoops...they are so tasty, plus they come with suggestions for games to play with them. The last kind I love are called Quavers...they are puffs, too, but different than the Cheetos-esque Wotsits.

And the individual packs? Well, I'm still looking for a way to hide the evidence.

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