Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Found: Bisquick's Little Sister

As you may recall from my previous posts, I was coming up empty when searching for pancake mix here in the UK. (I should be more specific...I haven't gone searching all over the island, per se, but rather around the northwest region.)

Anyone who has ever tried to find a good spot in their cabinet for the big-ass box of Bisquick knows that the box borders on treasure-chest fact, a true pancake-loving family like mine actually considers a box of Bisquick to be nothing less than a treasure chest.

In my new neck of the woods, I've finally found the Bisquick treasure chest. But, as the picture shows, it's less of a real treasure chest and more like that little plastic treasure chest you get when you lose a know, the one you can wear around your neck.

So, I'm estimating that I'll need at least two of these boxes to cover us for Sunday breakfast.

The Coke can is to give you perspective. (I'm thinking that my perspective might improve if I added some spiced rum to that can.)


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