Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Size matters

Remember when I said that it seems like everything in England is made smaller than things in the United States?

Well, here is an exception. A very welcomed exception at my house, considering our penchant for PB&J. The bread slice on the left is the usual size of our bread nowadays. The one on the right comes from a loaf that is intentionally smaller in every way, catering to the folks who don't need a lot of bread at once. It is the size of bread in the States. It is the size of bread we were used to. They are both Warburtons, they are both tasty, but the one on the left has come to the game, ready to play. It means business.

We'll never go back to the old size.

And just to give you some perspective on exactly how big the bread really is, here is a shot of the loaf. I've placed it next to a banana and a jar of some spice. The jar is the usual size, just like one from America. See how tall the bread is? It doesn't fit well in the toaster, even if I place the slice in the slot sideways.

Don't get me wrong...I am SO not complaining. No one in my family is...they love it. The only complaining that goes on about the bread is when I run out of it. It's just random, though, that a loaf of bread is so incredibly large while everything else is so much smaller than I'm used to...and I think that's the key:
It's a matter of getting used to it all.


  1. Renee, this is so good. I just found your blog. All I can say is that you are talented beyond measure and phenomenal! This all makes sense to me; this is your gift and calling. I can't wait to read, "The Renee Diaries" or "The Very Comical Misadventures of Renee." Whatever the title, it will be a best seller. Maybe, I should forward this to Ophrah so she has first dibs on your success. Give John and the boys our love.

  2. Ok, so have you conquered the toasting challenge yet? Toast, flip, toast some more. I have to do this when I toast bread from my breadmaker. It makes large goofy shaped bread. Thought I would share!