Monday, February 9, 2009

I'd like to buy a vowel, please

After school the other day Son 2 was telling me something about something....and I don't say "something about something" like that because I wasn't being an attentive parent. I really was. At least, I was trying as hard as I possibly could, to not only listen to him but to understand him...and therein lies the problem.

You see, just like an episode of 'My Name is Earl', I've got karma tryin' to tell me something:

Move to another country and expect it to be like Portland , just east? Fool.
Assume it's just a matter of new food and fast drivers? Notta.
Think it won't make its way into your home beyond the teeny-size packages of food? WRONG.

It made its way in via my son's accent. My six year old who spends 6 1/2 hours a day immersed in the language...why was it a surprise? He was trying to tell me something about cards, apparently, but I swear to you that he was saying bibble blobble beee-op kah.

Him: Bibble blobble bee-op kah.
Me: What?
Him: Bibble blobble bee-op kah.
Me: Huh?
Him: (sighing) Bibble blobble bee-op kah.
Me: Uh...
Him: (louder) BEEE OPP KAH!
Me: Oh for Godsake...spell it for me!
Him: KAH. C-A-R-D. KAH. Jeez, mum.
Me: Your card? Well then, why didn't you just say

He rolled his eyes. I get a lot of that lately.

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  1. Renee, you make my morning. Gosh, I so miss you. Please give John and the boys a 'group' hug and a 'gynormous' (that's even bigger than enormous) sloppy, puppy-lick kiss from me (only a mom and wife can do that :)) BTW: Did Mish get you your information? I so want to hear you talk; because I know if I call, you will talk and I will listen ;-) I might get a word in like "Hi", "Miss you guys", "uh huh" "hmmm" "Oh yea", "weird", "LOL", "bye", "Love you", "Kiss John and the boys for me." It would be like old times.